Media Agenda on the Big 4 Agenda

Broadcasting and Telecommunications Principle Secretary (PS) Fatuma Hirsi Speaking to Journalists during the Annual Media Summit and Launch of MCK Strategic Plan at Raddison Blu Hotel. (Photo Courtesy MCK)

Not so long, the president of Kenya unveiled areas that his Government would actively tackle during his second presidential term; Food security, affordable housing, manufacturing and affordable health for all.

It is apparent that most ordinary Kenyans do not understand what the Big 4 Agenda is all about. It is the role of the media to package are relay the Agendas in a crystal clear manner for citizens from all corners of the country.

The big 4 Agenda presents great opportunity for life transforming actions for the Kenyan society. The media will be on hand to document those transformations.

Key to the Big 4 Agenda is access to information and information dissemination. Journalists will look at what policies are being implemented. Particularly policies pegged on the Agendas. They will be looking at what funds are allocated and how they are spent. They will document the changes taking place in the society and the general impact the agenda is having on the lives of Kenya’s everyday life.

The media shall carry the voice of Kenyans as they engage with the Big 4 Agenda. Most importantly, the media will provide a platform for discussion and debate on the Agenda. The debates will seek to streamline and meet the felt needs of the citizens. They will majorly seek to hold leaders to account on tasks assigned and resources accorded to them to implement the Big 4 Agenda.

Good governance will be key in achieving the Big 4 Agenda. It is necessary that the media is engaged in deliberate and meaningful ways in the execution of the Big 4 Agenda.

Speaking during the launch of the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) strategic plan on Thursday last week, Broadcasting and Telecommunications Principle Secretary (PS) Fatuma Hirsi said that the government will exercise media freedom as enshrined in the constitution.

“Journalists have a right to criticize institutions including the government, for they are the watchdogs of the society. Truth must be said, truth must be published” Said Hirsi

On the very occasion, Chief of staff to the Presidential Delivery Unit Nzioka Waita assured journalists that his office will cooperate with media in providing factual information regarding the Big 4 Agenda.

It has been observed over time that sometimes journalists have been left pens and microphones hanging while sourcing for important information from government officials. Waita confirmed that this will no longer be the case from his office.

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