Raped and Left for Dead

“I was completely terrified and looked at him in adoration pleading for dear life with my eyes fixed on the gun muzzle.
Sobbing and sweating from all pores, Lucy(name withheld), a first year student pursuing Economics at the university of Nairobi said she gave in to the gunman’s demand during which she was raped by a man she believes was a police officer.
“Am angry that a person entrusted with my safety turned to be my attacker. He pinned me down on the floor, covered my mouth with his huge rough palm and proceeded to rape me breaking my virginity that I had cherished and preserved for marriage,” she recalls.
Lucy had locked herself in her room and watched all the post- elections SONU chaos from her window.
Then she heard screams and footsteps near her door then a kick followed throwing her door open.
It is barely a month now since the 22years old was discharged from the physical wounds that were subjected to her by her tormentor; she is not yet healed emotionally.
She hates the campus, neither has she forgiven her tormentor. Till now Lucy isn’t sure whether to continue with her studies at the very campus or to move to another university. She swears never to look nor talk to the police ever again. Her life is never the same.
Police brutality has become a worrying trend, especially during  volatile situations where they are accused of preying  on innocent women and little children.
Not once not twice have we heard of women being raped and children defiled by people they look up to for rescue. it is almost a normal occurrence.  Lucy’s case is just an example of many women who would rather not even narrate their ordeal.
The 2007 Post-Election Violence rape/defilement victims have never received justice. It pains to the soul that the ‘police force’ who were to protect them turned against them.
Nine years later, the victims, are still living with the emotional scars. They might have recovered from the physical pain for sure. But did they receive any psycho-social support? I doubt! Oh yea, this discussion is normally hushed. And talking about it might just land me in problems. Boohoo! this is the kind of fear that surrounds this subject. Even to writers of justice like me!

The discourse around having the name ‘Police Force’ changed to ‘Police Service’ could perhaps depict a different face? But hold on! is the rot in the name? No. The rot is in the individuals! I boldly asked one of the police officer who asked for anonymity why this seems to be an inherent behavior among them.

One of the officer who chose to remain anonymous associates the behavior to the power that they feel they have. They know they can actually get away with anything and that prosecution is almost impossible.

He also says that the affected individuals are vulnerable and would rarely report such cases. And yes I agree with him on this one.
It is difficult to report a police officer to another police officer! You will definitely be mistaken for a psycho and can easily be dragged to Mathare Hospital, A hospital for lunatics!
Nairobi Women Hospital management admits many cases of the victims that have been raped/defiled by the ‘forces’ choose not to record statements and pursue justice have been reported at the facility. So, is the public abetting in persistence of this behavior? undoubtedly yes.

Women right activists now recommends the public and the judicial system should work together to save the situation. As for Lucy who lost her innocence and virginity, and her other female students at the campus who were brutally raped, I can only wish them a quick emotional recovery.

As the University prepares to re-open and discipline the rowdy students that caused the chaos, what action are they going to take for the physically assaulted girls?

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