Men, stand up for women!

In light of the ongoing 16days of activism, I would like to challenge the men of this country, What are you doing to end Violence Against Women. What role are you playing? Are you doing something to end VAW or are you contributing to the perpetration?

Violence against women is a global phenomenon that affects a large portion of the population right across from the first world countries to the third world. Women are subjected to different shades of violence that can range from verbal abuse to sexual harassment, domestic violence to war crimes etc..

Destressed woman

Majority of men think they are on the periphery of this problem and need not to get involved. But violence against women is widespread and very real and cannot be written off as a woman issue,because it’s not. It is a social crime that occurs everywhere, in the house, on the streets, in the office and can happen to anyone; their mothers,sisters,daughters  wives.

It is the responsibility of mothers to nurture their sons into men who respect and value women. It is this simple behavioral conditioning  (I.e, allowing sons to mistreat sisters and order them around)that men are made aware of their ‘Superiority’ over women

Sons who see their father or male relative beating women usually believe it is the male right to do so.this is where the society and law enforces role come in, if there is no response to stop this abuse, the young males belief in VAW is strengthened.

Young girls as young as two months are being defiled,  old grandmothers as old as 90 years are being raped. Children in schools are being impregnated by teachers, women in offices asked for sexual favors, preachers asking for ‘sexual spiritual healing’ etc God forbid!

We need men who are caretakers and not abusers, we need men who are protectors and not wolves, we need men who are loving and not bitter scorns, we need men who take the lead and not back seats!

Where are your voices men! where are your voices? Your sisters,daughters,wives are suffering. We have suffered enough, step up for us! It is not good that the same men we are looking for help from are the same men that violet us! Whom do you want us to turn to. It is your role and responsibility to take care of us, women. What has come of you?

I am writing this from the bottom of my heart. It hurts to see all these violence happening to us every day. We can not peacefully walk on the streets without being hurled insults at, being mocked,  why are men bitter? Is their something that we women have done wrong that we may need to turn around? Tell us.

I however commend a few male Involved organizations that have stood up to fight for women rights. They include:

  1. Masculinity Institute-A non governmental organization that transforms attitudes and make domestic violence unacceptable to men,women,boys and girls.
  2. HeForShe- A solidarity movement that encourages gender equality. The movement encourages men to stand up for women as a basic human right and benefit for all.
  3. House Of Major-  A public relations firm that started a campaign dubbed #SayNoToSGBV pioneered by Mwenesi Musalia and Adam Ali who are very passionate about ending violence against women

    Mwenesi Musalia of House of Major

I dedicate this piece to every man out there. We have the constitution ,with laws and policies that you can use to end violence against women. The ball is your court. We want to feel your voices, your involvement. Men must be the change we wish and hope to see. Please do something, just anything within your capacity to contribute to a violence free society.

2 thoughts on “Men, stand up for women!

  1. First and foremost i have to acknowledge your good work Lorna. Men and boys have been left out previously in many programs and interventions on gender equality and violence against women. Having in mind that domestic and violence against women do not affect only women but men as well, the time is ripe to engage men and boys to have a just and equitable future ahead.

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