Virginity testing, stalking, interference from in laws is now prosecutable

Yes, The PADV (Protection Against Domestic Violence) Act 2015 that was assented to by the president early this year solely addresses violence within the family set up

PADV Sought to provide relief and protection to victims of domestic violence. Some of the non conventional offences include, Economic Violence, emotional abuse, stalking, interference from in-laws, virginity testing and sexual violence in marriage.

Additionally a welcome clause to the legislation is any person can report abuse on behalf of the victim. Initially it was restricted to the victim.

Measures to ensure protection of the victim and dependants have been set out in the Act. The state is supposed to provide protection orders to the victims and at the same time the court can order counseling services and compensation.


The act seeks to protect those in a domestic relationship: the married, previously married, engaged, those living in the same house hold, relatives and Children.

Now you know! Don’t suffer in silence, the Constitution clearly covers for your rights. Report Abusers!

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